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Artistic representations


The wirehaired dachshund

Mostly they think they are one of  the great danes. At least, they have such an enormous ego. But that's why this little fellow is so funny, also so brave, and always very happy.

Though they have very short legs, their character is so giant. Excellent hunting dog.

Other (nick)names: hotdog, sausage dog, daxly, digging dog - or minidictator.

Sculpture, or graphic, maybe ceramics?

What will you find in the DAXLY webshop?

In the DAXLY webshop there are two groups of products.


One is made by Hungarian contemporary artists - unique, small series sculpture, graphics, ceramics, or photographs, inspired by wirehaired dachshund. These works are distributed exclusively by our store.


The other group of production is for low-budget designer souvenirs.

You can also buy handmade souvenirs here.

It is extremely important for us, that those Hungarian artists, who honor us with their works get a possibility to present themselves through other works to our customers. Thus, by clicking on the photos of the artists in the CREATORS menu, you can see what other miracles they create when they are not working for us.